Kanzen Skincare: 3 Pack Of Organic, Natural and Reusable 100% Cotton Muslin Cloths

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Refresh and Rejuvenate with Kanzen's Reusable Cloths

Are you ready to transform your beauty routine? Ideal for removing makeup, impurities, and dirt, Kanzen's Reusable Cloths provide the most luxurious skincare experience. These premium-quality cloths are crafted from only the finest 100% Natural and Organic materials and become softer with every wash, ensuring a gentle healing touch on your skin. Available in a pack of three sustainable clothes, they can be used up to 500 times! Hand or machine washable at up to 60 degrees, these innovative cloths will help you achieve the perfect balance of comfort and cleanliness so nothing stands between you and beautiful skin.

Here’s Why You’ll Love This

✅ Soft, Gentle & Sustainable: Our Kanzen reusable cloths are made from 100% natural and organic materials that are super soft and gentle on the skin, ideal for applying your favorite Kanzen liquid skincare product. Plus, they’re sustainable – each cloth can be used for up to 500 washes!

✅ Effective Cleansing: Our clothes are perfect for removing makeup, impurities, and dirt, so you can be sure your skin is clean and healthy.

✅ Versatile & Convenient: Use our reusable cloths in or out of the shower – they’ll get the job done quickly and conveniently.

✅ Machine Washable: You can easily hand or machine wash up to 60 degrees after every few uses.

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      Our planet 🌍 is in the process of being turned totally upside down which is leading to strife for almost all life on Earth 🌍 Here at Kanzen we know it’s preventable but most of all we know it’s not going to save itself. The tools that we associate with fighting climate change are inadequate. What if that changed and the billions of us who care became empowered? Kanzen Skincare has made a promise that for every 1 litre of liquid (8 bottles) we sell, we will plant one tree to help support a range of carbon reduction projects that are certified at the very highest level by Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard. 🌳