Kanzen Man: Valorous Post Shave Spray

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Kanzen Man proudly presents the Valorous Post Shave Spray, an embodiment of finesse and functionality designed exclusively for the astute modern man. In the realm of post-shave care, Valorous reigns supreme, setting new standards for luxury and comfort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this spray is a harmonious blend of nature's bounty and cutting-edge science. Every application ushers in an era of rejuvenation, soothing the skin and eliminating the all-too-familiar post-shave sting. Beyond mere comfort, our commitment to ethical choices shines brightly; with a Halal certification and vegan formulation, Valorous speaks to not just the skin but the soul, ensuring you can stand behind your skincare choices with pride. But Valorous isn’t just skin deep. The alcohol-free formula guarantees a refreshing experience without the dryness, bolstered by botanical extracts that cleanse and invigorate. This is an all-encompassing solution, catering to every skin type, from the sensitive to the robust, ensuring that every man can bask in the luxury it offers.

In essence, Kanzen Man's Valorous Post Shave Spray isn't just a product; it's a journey, a statement, an affirmation of elegance and resilience. It’s a salute to the warrior spirit that resides within every man, ensuring that with each shave, he emerges not just groomed but truly transformed. Choose Valorous and redefine your post-shave narrative, making it one of triumph, confidence, and unparalleled sophistication.

Based on a 28 day study on 30 subjects conducted by UKAS Accredited Laboratory -

- Proven to instantly cleanse skin by lifting away dirt &

- Proven to reduce visible sebum levels in 28 days.

- Proven to reduce skin tempreature levels in 28 days.

Based on a 28 day study on 20 subjects conducted by UKAS Accredited Laboratory based on a 2-step regimen:

- Proven to reduce skin redness levels in 28 days.

- Proven to reduce skin inflammation levels within 28 days.

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Absolute Comfort, Zero Sting: The unique blend ensures no irritation post-shave, providing an unmatched level of comfort that allows users to fully enjoy their shaving experience without the dreaded sting that often follows.

Ethical & Sustainable Skincare: Valorous proudly stands as Halal certified and vegan, demonstrating a commitment to ethical skincare choices without compromising on product efficacy.

Gentle, Alcohol-Free Formulation: Designed to avoid the dryness or tightness often associated with alcohol-based products, the spray offers pure refreshment and ensures the skin feels nourished and revitalized.

Versatile & Inclusive: Catering to all skin types, be it sensitive, oily, or combination, Valorous ensures that every man, irrespective of his skin profile, can harness the benefits of the spray and achieve rejuvenated post-shave skin

From a dermatological perspective, Kanzen Man's Valorous Post Shave Spray exhibits a superior formulation that effectively addresses post-shaving dermal challenges. The guarantee of zero sting, achieved through a synergistic blend of ingredients, underscores its efficacy in reducing post-shave inflammation and irritation. Furthermore, its ethical orientation, evident from its Halal certification and vegan composition, signifies a meticulous selection of bio-compatible components. The absence of alcohol in the formula is pivotal in preventing transepidermal water loss, thus ensuring skin barrier integrity is maintained. Additionally, the incorporation of botanical extracts not only offers soothing properties but also facilitates deeper dermal cleansing, removing impurities at a cellular level. This product's holistic approach ensures it caters to a spectrum of skin types, making it a scientifically sound choice for post-shave care.

Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Hypochlorous Acid (0.01%).

Spray generously onto shaved skin and allow to dry for 1 minute, gently patting off any excess. Follow up with Kanzen Man Moisturiser. Close eyes during application.For external use only, avoid contact with the eyes. Store in original packaging and in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


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