Why Skincare?

Kanzen Skincare was born out of a personal journey, deeply rooted in London-based singer and songwriter Katie London's struggles with her skin. While touring under intense lighting and consistently wearing heavy makeup, Katie grappled with severe acne. This challenge, combined with memories of her youth – a transition from confidence to shyness due to her skin condition – made her determined to find a solution. David, her partner of eight years, who had expertise in nano science and natural chemicals, noticed the toll Katie's skin took on her self-esteem, especially during her high-profile performances. Recognising an opportunity to merge their experiences, the duo embarked on a relentless quest to develop a natural product tailored for acne-prone, congested skin, as well as other skin conditions. Katie reflects, “Throughout our three-year development journey, David and I faced numerous challenges. Yet, the vision remained unwavering: to create affordable, non-invasive products that harmoniously cater to diverse skin types. Our aim has always been to help others feel their absolute best."

meet the founders: Katie and david

Katie London, famed UK singer-songwriter, experienced the highs of sell-out tours and the lows of severe acne, sparked by demanding performances. Teaming up with her long-term partner, David Connor, a celebrated music producer turned nano-technology enthusiast, the duo channelled their unique experiences into founding Kanzen Skincare. With a social reach of over 14 million and collaborations with global brands like THINX and Malibu, David brought business acumen to match Katie's passion. Together, they've catapulted Kanzen to global acclaim: five facilities worldwide, 30 unique formulations, and over 125,000 units sold in just their first year. Their joint venture epitomises innovation and transformative beauty solutions.

Personal Dedication to Quality

Katie and David's shared vision drives Kanzen Skincare. Every product mirrors their personal commitment to excellence, blending nature with innovative science for unparalleled skincare solutions.

Stories that Resonate

Katie and David's journey shapes Kanzen Skincare, turning each product into a relatable narrative. Their experiences give life to skincare that genuinely connects with its users.

Future-ready Skincare

Guided by Katie and David's forward-thinking ethos, Kanzen Skincare stays ahead of global trends. Their dedication ensures products that not only meet but anticipate the evolving needs of users.

Product Excellence & Authenticity

Katie's personal journey with skin and David's deep-rooted belief in innovation form the essence of Kanzen Skincare. They're dedicated to holistic product development, from initial ideation influenced by real-world insights, to ensuring each product stands up to their rigorous personal standards. Their shared passion manifests in laboratories that harmonise nature with science, crafting formulations that prioritise sustainability and genuine efficacy. Every product from Kanzen Skincare doesn't just meet industry standards; it's a reflection of Katie and David's personal commitment to unparalleled quality.

Crafting Stories & Global Reach

For Katie and David, Kanzen Skincare isn't just about creating products; it's about sharing their journey, challenges, and victories. They delve deep into the inspirations behind each creation, weaving narratives that resonate on a deeply personal level with consumers. Their combined experiences — Katie's in the limelight and David's in business strategy — drive a distribution approach that ensures their skincare solutions touch lives globally, making beauty accessible and relatable.

Anticipating the Future

The dynamic world of skincare sees Kanzen Skincare always poised at the forefront, a testament to Katie and David's commitment to evolution and growth. They continuously engage with beauty mavens, ensuring Kanzen's offerings are in step with global desires and emerging skincare trends. At the heart of their shared journey is a singular promise: to create products that reflect their personal experiences, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring every individual feels seen, heard, and cherished in their skincare journey.