Sleepover Club


Welcome to the “Sleepover Club” – not your usual pre-party rendezvous. Before the shimmer of the nightlife, before the stilettos hit the dance floor, it was about treating one's skin to its own exclusive party. The pre-game ritual every skin deserved, ensuring it remained as radiant at the end of the night as at the beginning.

The Concept

The beauty of the “Sleepover Club” lookbook wasn’t merely in its aesthetic appeal, but in the narrative it wove – a tale of friendship, preparation, and the rituals that preceded the glamour of a night out. The premise was simple: Why wait for the afterparty to pamper your skin? Start the evening right with products tailored to set the perfect canvas for makeup, and protection against potential skin stressors.

Nomad X Sunglasses


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Kanzen Skincare: Derma Pore Purifier


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Kanzen Skincare: Derma Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Water


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Closing Thoughts

The “Sleepover Club” was more than just a lookbook; it was a movement. It was about understanding the importance of prepping one's skin, not just for the aesthetics but for its health. As preparations for the evening’s adventures were made, it was imperative that the skincare routine was just as eventful. With our curated range, not only was the stage set for an evening of fun, but it also ensured that skin woke up the next day, thanking one for the tender love and care.

Joining our club meant letting the night begin with skincare that shone.

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